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The trend of PCB technology, follow the latest

Release Time:2016-04-18

With semiconductor’s process is curtailing continuously, many circuit which have to combined by multiple-discrete packaging components was replaced by a high integration chip. So some of them look weak gradually printed circuit board technology development.

Although the theory is like this, the fact is contrary to it.....

The trend of the PCB development(special attached picture by Huicong screen printing )

Some people think printed circuit (referred to as: on Chinese mainland) printed circuit board technology will become less important in future, there are two main reason, first  is the fast developing of semiconductor technology continuously, we can use 1 or 2 integrated Chip to realize the function instead of many single chips. Such as in old time, we have to to use Chipsets to implement the circuit, now we can adapt single Chip (System - on - a - Chip; SoC) to finish it for decreasing the connections between Chips.

Another reason is to speed up data transfer between the chips. The past side-by-side transport interface is replaced by a serial type transport interface. Currently the high-speed way of serial type more mining with frequency way, can transfer the data as soon as they can and no “Crosstalk” problem belonged parallel transmission. For example, transfer ATA into SATA, PCI into PCIExpress, SCSI into SAS, RapidI/O parallel version into serial version...and so on.

After parallel convert to serial, looks like chipset convert to single chip system, this way will decrease the using quantity of lines, result in lowing the position of PCB application.Moreover, after the serialization, it also reduce the quantity area of the printing circuit board and apply values. ( "on printed circuit boards, they are using snake around the line way to calculate the timing synchronization" to rely on).

Above the 2 points are the failure reason of the printed circuit board technology considered by some people, but it seems like they only focus on part view, ignore the widely applying in latest years. And PCB development creates a new future also because these applications. The following we will discuss more about this:

IC loading board:

In past time, the chip is encapsulated with plastic or ceramic material, then put them on the printed circuit board welding, from perforation type welding to welding surface adhesive type. however, with the semiconductor technology is constantly improving, the effect of chip following a sharp integrated circuit, as the numbers of single chip pin is increasing, more and more chips have to change the encapsulated to BGA chip (BallGridArray) and must use IC loading board, and it requires printed circuit board technology. By this way, the PCB change the position from nothing relevant ed to become the key process in encapsulation of chips. Connect the bare chip to the printed circuit board directly through leads.

For IC loading board, the process dimension precision, quality, specifications and other requirements are more stringent than the traditional printed circuit board, although it becomes a challenge, lead to traditional printed circuit board industry and the encapsulation testing industry lost the board, exclude competition to each other.

The development of flexible board

Generally, PCB means rigid printed circuit board, except this type , there are also flexible boards in our application. such as ink jet head moving lines in inkjet printer, in laptop computers, the display circuits connections between this machine and display are only simple lines, without the circuit components.

however, because of the general business and recreational type computer have occupied mostly of the  market, so the computer expand the new application category actively , hence the digital home is come out (DigitalHome) and automotive electronics market such new concepts market. Extending ‘educate, fun from the computer  "to" live, the line "field, additionally also extends to the" clothes ", the so-called "wearable computer, WearablePC", "wearable music walkman". In order to avoiding wear uncomfortable, so it has to developed by flexible board.

In addition, the electronic paper technology has developed many years, they start to promote using commercially in recent years.The largest goal is to make part of the display of electronic paper can curl and collect like traditional newspapers do, it is so-called "curl-computer". The flexible board will make these goal come true in these area, flexible display, e-book, electronic paper..