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TOP 100 enterprises list in 2008

Release Time:2016-04-18

1. Shenzhen airlines co., LTD

2. Shenzhen hongfa investment co., LTD

3. Shenzhen fortis real estate group co., LTD

4. Shenzhen jin jia color printing group co., LTD

5. Shenzhen trillion chi co., LTD

6. Shenzhen top China department store co., LTD

7. Shenzhen airlines sheng electronics co., LTD

8. Shenzhen baoan courageously da industrial co., LTD

9. Shenzhen hong information about rong yuan industrial co., LTD

10. Shenzhen Gao Xinji technology co., LTD

11. Shenzhen city three connaught electronics co., LTD

12. Shenzhen to embellish electronic co., LTD

13. Shenzhen rainbow chemical co., LTD

14. Shenzhen xu jun peng construction engineering co., LTD

15. Shenzhen north Rowe agrochemical co., LTD

16. Shenzhen yu with printing and packaging co., LTD

17. Yan wanda electronics co., LTD

18. Kono digital technology co., LTD in shenzhen

19. Shenzhen yongfeng source industrial co., LTD

20. Shenzhen baoan high-tech electronic co., LTD

21. In shenzhen jia industrial co., LTD

22. The measurement testing technology co., LTD. Shenzhen China

23. Shenzhen silver star power electronic co., LTD

24. The green beauty of shenzhen high and new technology co., LTD

25. Shenzhen baoan Ren Da electric industrial co., LTD

26. Shenzhen mayor surplus precision co., LTD

27. Shenzhen deep open electrical industrial co., LTD

28. The city of shenzhen letter precision components co., LTD

29. Shenzhen s hing industrial co., LTD

30. Shenzhen baoan huafeng industrial co., LTD

31. Shenzhen putian appropriate tong technology co., LTD

32. Shenzhen antell precision industry co., LTD

33. Shenzhen yi light industrial co., LTD

34. Shenzhen dawei group co., LTD

35. Shenzhen new precision industry co., LTD

36. Shenzhen hengfeng haiyue international hotel co., LTD

37. Shenzhen xin Hao source electronic science and technology industrial co., LTD

38. Shenzhen city big electronic material co., LTD

39. Shenzhen zte dextrys soft circuit co., LTD

40. Shenzhen reform.the electronic co., LTD

41. The state of shenzhen kay electronic co., LTD

42. Shenzhen love so good industrial co., LTD

43. Shenzhen gold huanyu electric wire electric cable co., LTD

44. Shenzhen colorful industrial co., LTD

45. Shenzhen jia technology development co., LTD

46. Shenzhen dong Chen technology co., LTD

47. Shenzhen santoku crown precision circuit technology co., LTD

48. Shenzhen in printing co., LTD

49. Shenzhen plant five circuit board co., LTD

50. From shenzhen city industrial co., LTD

51. Shenzhen new east industrial development co., LTD

52. Shenzhen city hotel co., LTD

53. Shenzhen is "metal co., LTD

54. Shenzhen, kangda technology development co., LTD

55. Shenzhen fu heng plastic pigment co., LTD

56. Shenzhen harbour city luxurious industrial development co., LTD

57. Shenzhen baoan sea department store co., LTD

58. Join the power technology (shenzhen) co., LTD

59. Shenzhen warom technology co., LTD

60. Shenzhen ruixiang electronics co., LTD

61. Shenzhen hengtong xin technology co., LTD

62. Shenzhen city light electrical industrial co., LTD

63. Shenzhen watt power technology co., LTD

64. Collection circuit board of shenzhen technology co., LTD

65. Shenzhen wide field environmental protection coating co., LTD

66. Shenzhen hong yi into hardware co., LTD

67. Shenzhen jack neo power laser technology co., LTD

68. Shenzhen DongGuan paper co., LTD

69. Shenzhen luen heng technology co., LTD

70. Shenzhen fonda liquid crystal display technology co., LTD

71. Shenzhen miramar ink paint co., LTD

72. Shenzhen wei tong technology co., LTD

73. Shenzhen kay to g technology co., LTD

74. Shenzhen tongfang electronic new material co., LTD

75. Shenzhen tianrui instrument co., LTD

76. Shenzhen DE ze energy technology co., LTD

77. Shenzhen gold color packaging products co., LTD

78. Shenzhen DE warehouse technology co., LTD

79. Shenzhen rui ling industrial co., LTD

80. Shenzhen xin RongMao industrial development co., LTD

81. Shenzhen baoan polly to industrial co., LTD

82. Shenzhen color bright industrial development co., LTD

83. Shenzhen jing sinter electronic co., LTD

84. Shenzhen @ aeromodelling co., LTD

85. Shenzhen force can be battery co., LTD

86. Acoustic co., LTD. Shenzhen hao grace

87. Shenzhen heng shun industrial development co., LTD

88. Shenzhen dowa industry &trade co., LTD

89. Shenzhen chiron electronics co., LTD

90. Shenzhen north China industrial co., LTD

91. Shenzhen jin extension automation equipment co., LTD

92. Shenzhen willowbrook machinery equipment co., LTD

93. Shenzhen Depp shajing electronic market management co., LTD

94. Shenzhen coral star computer co., LTD

95. Shenzhen original industrial co., LTD

96. Shenzhen guangdong deep steel investment development co., LTD

97. Shenzhen state health electronic co., LTD

98. Shenzhen fire king RanQiJu co., LTD

99. Shenzhen hao grace technology co., LTD

100. Shenzhen yamamoto photoelectric co., LTD