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Congratulation Rong Da went to Public Market 2016

Release Time:2017-02-22

Photosensitive electronic chemicals is high-tech products combining with electronic material and fine chemicals. It’s one of the key materials that are essential in the development of electronic industry for all kinds of countries. Since the “12th Five-Year Plan”period, the demand of domestic photosensitive electronic chemicals has increased sharply. The application of its final products almost covers the whole electronic information industry.

In 1996, ShenZhen RongDa Photosensitive Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in Shenzhen. Specialized in developing, producing and selling photographic electronic chemicals. At present, the company has formed three main series products including the photosensitive solder resist ink for printed circuit boards, the photoresist and related chemicals products and the special inks. These products are widely used in the fields of printed circuit, flat-panel display, integrated circuit, precision metal processing etc.

The company’s main business area is in Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta region, where electronics industry was highly developed. Relying on the geographical advantage, Rongda could provide their customers with a full range of services in a timely manner.

After 20 years’ efforts, Rongda has established its own independent, research and innovation system through build professional develop platform, its well developed internal communication mechanism and product development platform. Under this system, the company is able to cultivate its own innovation talents and improve its talents reserve program. By the effort of the development department, the company has mastered several core technologies of photosensitive electronic chemicals including the functional resin synthesis, the photosensitizer synthesis, the formula design skill and the manufacturing process control technology.

After years of development, the company’s product line layout is complete and quite reasonable. As one of the enterprises own most of the sensitive electronic chemicals products, Rongda gradually introduced a variety of industry-leading high-end products fulfilling the high density, high precision, multiple stratification and other high-performance requirements in electronic product industry. It ensures the dominant position of the company in the field of photographic electronic chemicals industry.

Rongda pays a great attention to the intellectual property rights. Through independent research, the company owned nearly 20 patents of invention, of which 4 invention patents are for the photoresist. It has broken the monopoly of international brands in the China’s market.

The company’s research development of photoresist series products has made a significant breakthrough. The products’ resolution has reached 1 micron, with which the company’s products can be widely used in flat-panel display, semiconductor lighting, etc. Products have been used by Laibao High-tech, Epilight and other famous enterprises.

One of the advantage points of Rongda is that the company can provide the overall solution plan combining product and service together. Based on this, the company takes great advantage in the fierce competition in the printed circuit market. Now, Rongda has already become the main supplier of several leading enterprises in the market including Foxconn, Tripod, SCC and Suntak. These relations not only enhance the company’s brand effect, but also lay a solid foundation for the company’s long term steady development.

The management team of Rongda has accumulated profound professional knowledge and rich experience after years of production management. The team is adhering to the spirit of honesty and innovation. The solution works that are designed for the customers are said to be with high quality, timely and efficient.

Nowadays, information market developed really fast in China. Ronda’s great brand awareness has raised the company's operating scale and net income a lot.

In the future, the products innovation and replacement in the electronic information industry will usher the industry market much broader. Photosensitive electronics chemicals industry will get a new development opportunity.

Rongda will firmly grasp the development pulse of the sensitive electronic chemicals industry. With continuously consolidating and expanding the advantages in product quality and technology innovation, “Shenzhen Rongda” will become an international competitive brand in the high-end photosensitive chemical material area.