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Chinese first graphene film production line goes..

Release Time:2016-05-09

On May 18, the new product launch of Chinese first graphene film production line of 30000 sqm annual yield put into operation and graphene mobile phone touch screen was hold in changzhou, graphene research institute.

Since Graphene was found in 2004, it bring enormous research and development of international academia and industries due to its various kinds of electrical, thermal and mechanical properties (zone). Single layer of carbon atoms of graphene zone (market), own the thinnest material and conductive, best thermal conductivity, the highest specific surface area material, and very high mechanical strength and flexibility. Therefore, the graphene material has broad application prospects in touch, display, storage, electronics, composite materials and other fields, especially is regarded as a transparent conductive electrode in the field of touch display.

R&d team takes the lead in applying the graphene films to mobile phone capacitive touch screen successfully, realized the small batch production of capacitive touch screen mobile and passed the functional tests. After the third party test, the performance of graphene phone capacitive touch has reached the standard of the ITO touch screen, is reliable to meet the requirements of customers.

Industry experts said the production line of Chinese first graphene film of 30000 sqm ITO film line put into operation and supplying of developing the construction of the pilot line of graphene capacitance touch screen marks the graphene materials makes a big key step on the industrialization of preparation and application. At the same time, the launch of new graphene phone capacitive touch screen means graphene transparent conductive film and graphene capacitive touch screen start enter the market developing stage. Only make a few simple renovations to existing ITO thin film modules, it can be changed to Graphene line.  this will be very helpful for graphene film transparent electrode material in the field of touch display, industrial application and popularization.

The results is issued by A Two Dimensional Carbon Technology co., LTD. Changzhou, Wuxi Philippine Electronic Film and Photoelectric technology co., LTD., Shenzhen Force Sensor co., LTD. Jointly Jiangnan graphene research institute.